You will find below an explanation for how to support "". Presented as questions and answers for more direct and transparent.
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  • Why Support "" ?
Support "" can show your interest in its contents, which aims to be accessible and mostly free. Maintenance of a site takes time that is taken on the free time of our team. In addition, accommodation (and the domain name) is chargeable. Finally, this site is yours, if you've learned something, our goal is reached.

  • How to support "" ?
Simply make a donation by clicking the button above. You will then be directed to PayPal, which allows donations.

  • How do you give?
There are no restrictions, you are free amount. Whether 1, 5, 10 euros, all your donations will help.

  • Who are the gifts?
Donations arrive on a paypal account used by our team.

  • How to donate?
First, you must have a PayPal account. Registrations and payments are free. Then just click on the button "Donate" and indicate the amount (which, we remind you, is free). If your account is empty, it will be proposed various methods of payment, including credit card, check, bank transfer. In addition, the site is secure.

  • The gift is required?
No, of course. Donations are made on a voluntary basis.

  • What will serve the donations?
All donations will be used to pay subscriptions, promote the site, and anything that may be related "". They will not be used for anything else.

  • What is PayPal?
PayPal is a site (and company) that provides a secure means of payment and secure for users. It is also a subsidiary of eBay, the auction site. Once your account is created, you can pay your online purchases at a number of commercial sites, but also on eBay. Payments are instant, secure and covered (see their policy in case of dispute).